Dear Hillary, I Need You To Be Tougher on the Environment

Dear Secretary Clinton,

First off, I want to say that I am a huge fan of yours. I have looked at you as an inspiration for as long as I can remember, and I am fighting for you to win the presidency come November. Now, I know that you get way beyond your fair share of criticism and a lot of is entirely unfair. I also know a good portion of it is simply rooted in sexism and overblown by conservatives, and I will do my best to fight back at all of those false narratives for you. But if you are to be my president, which I hope you will be, I have to ask you to fight back on something for me.

I have to ask you to fight for the environment.

I know that you have a 82% record with the League of Conservation Voters and that you were the 11th most liberal member of the Senate during your time there, those numbers are definitely nothing to be ashamed of. But I also know that you don’t support a full ban on fracking, you spoke favorably of GMOs, and your disapproval for the Keystone pipeline came just a bit too late. You do take money from fossil fuels, and while I know that Obama did too in even larger numbers, it can’t help but make me nervous about your stance on the health of our planet and all of it’s wonderful creatures.

Look, I get it. Fracking employs voters in areas you need votes, fossil fuels companies support your campaign and, in turn, make it easier for you to reach as many people as possible with your platform. Sometimes politicians have to downplay their true feelings in order to do the most good, like Obama did with same-sex marriage. But I need you to be for the environment now, for my future and the future of generations to come. If those degrading our ecosystems won’t pause during an election cycle, we can’t stop our fight to stop and reverse their damage.

We all know that fracking is a major pollutant, overwhelmingly in poorer areas, and can lead to situations just like those in Flint, Michigan. I live just outside of Flint and know that you have been a champion for the people there, so how can you continue to side with one of the biggest causes of environmental racism? And though the science is still pretty mixed on consuming GMOs, genetic modification is proven to be bad for the environment and for our people. And while you’ve committed to moving from fossil fuels to green energy sources, I need to be sure that your plan moves quickly enough and is broad enough to actually get things done.

I want to believe that you are on the right side of this fight, but I need to hear you say it and see you live it. I need to know that the environment is as important to you as it is to myself and millions of people across this nation and our planet. I need to know that this isn’t something that will fall to the side during what I hope is a wonderful eight years of your presidency. I don’t want to keep getting the spin about how your plan is almost good enough or just better than Donald Trump’s plan, because in all honestly it doesn’t come close to being good enough. Protecting the environment means more than clean energy and more than combating climate change. It means a comprehensive commitment to protecting our environment on all levels.

I’ve committed to fight for you. Now I need you to fight for us. Fight for our incredible, beautiful planet.

With the utmost respect,




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